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The New Jersey Forestry Association is dedicated to the wise use and management of the State’s forest land resource in a manner which will provide many services and products for the benefits of all our citizens, now and for future generations. These include environmental and economic benefits such as air purification, watershed protection, wildlife habitats, recreational opportunities, soil stabilization, temperature amelioration, windbreaks, urban buffers, forest products and landscape beautification. We believe these values are most important to New Jersey in the face of its continued rapid growth and urbanization.

NJFA Objectives

NJFA was organized in 1975 and incorporated in 1983 to promote forestry and forest management on public and privately owned woodlands throughout New Jersey.


  1. To encourage scientific management and the perpetuation of woodlands for their many benefits, services and products.
  2. To serve as a forum and to make recommendations for solving problems and improving forest management.
  3. To disseminate information on the establishment, growth, management, conservation, productivity and societal benefits of woodlands both large and small.
  4. To work toward an economic climate favorable to the preservation of woodlands and the protection of property and landowner’s rights.

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Read the Final Report of the New Jersey Forest Task Force HERE.

Click on the graphic below to listen to NJFA Comments at the October 19th Highlands Council meeting.  Comments begin at 49 minutes in to the meeting.

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