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Introducing Backyard Forestry in 90 Minutes NORTH Stewardship Series!

The New Jersey Forestry Association is pleased to partner with Frelinghuysen Arboretum to provide a new series of monthly 90-minute programs that will provide landowners with informative, educational and interesting topics on how they can steward their backyard woodlot. 

First Program – July 18th from 7pm to 8:30pm

“Forestry 101!”

Attendees will learn about forestry, how it affects people and why it is important to manage a forest. John Hooven, Vice-President of the New Jersey Forestry Association, will also discuss programs that are available to help homeowners and landowners, and he will provide details on how to become a good steward of the forest.

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August 15th from 7pm to 8:30pm

Learning from the Past – the historic significance of forest management in New Jersey and how it affects New Jersey’s landscape today”

Learn about the history of the forests of New Jersey including the historical influence of human activity on New Jersey’s forests, the historical importance of this point in time for the forest resource and yourrole as stewards of the land.  Find out about present-day forest use, problems and issues, including Emerald Ash Borer and the Spotted Lanternfly.

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September 19th from 7pm to 8:30pm

What is forest management and why is it needed?

Find out why we need to be actively managing our forests and how this important work helps to create wildlife habitat, fresh air, clean water, healthy soil and more!

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Limited registration for the 2019 NJ Woodland Stewards Program is available. (Only 5 seats remain, so register today!)

The New Jersey Woodland Stewards Program is an outreach effort for those who embrace a forest stewardship ethic, who want to learn more about sustainable forest management, and are willing to share what they learn with others.  Join us on Thursday, September 26th (beginning at 4:00 pm) thru Sunday, September 29th (ending at 3:15pm).  Click HERE to download a brochure on the program.

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New Jersey Forestry Association, Inc.

A non-profit tax exempt organization under IRS 501 (c) 3

The New Jersey Forestry Association was founded in 1975 and incorporated in 1983 to promote forestry and forest management on public and privately owned woodlands throughout New Jersey. There is a need for an organization which can act as a spokesperson and advocate for woodland owners, conservationists and others interested in maintaining our forests. We welcome all people who share these values and concerns to join our Association and participate in our varied activities and programs.


The Association publishes the “New Jersey Woodlands” newsletter quarterly with frequent electronic communication, conducts an annual business meeting and program, sponsors or co-sponsors a number of forestry field trips, seminars, workshops and tree planting projects during the year, is a co-sponsor of The New Jersey Tree Farm Program, and works jointly with public and private conservation groups.


Backyard Forestry in 90 Minutes program series

Join us at the Forest Resource Education Center in Jackson for a monthly session on a Backyard Forestry topic. Presented by experts in the field, learn how to make your property work for you. Topics include maple sugaring, firewood, tree identification, wildlife, tree planting, and much more. More information on Backyard Forestry in 90 Minutes.


Scenes from the 43rd Annual Meeting & Member Program!

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